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We noticed a large number of our coins has been bought by a small number of our customers. It's unfortunate because we cannot mint anymore of these coins to help with redistribution. To prevent this, we will only process orders by online order form to ensure fair distribution to our customers.

Orders are usually processed within 24 hrs.

After choosing your favorite coin, you will be asked to fill in the online order form with your name, email address and Solana wallet address. Then, one of our colleagues will contact you regarding the processing of your order. 

Your e-mail address is required to send your purchase confirmation, possible associated metadata and ownership certificate. Your Solana wallet address is required to create a token account for you and then send the token of your interest to your Solana wallet. (If you don't have a Solana wallet you can get it at this link:

Orders are limited per customer depending on the "rarity index" of our coins.

We accept peyments through PayPal, Solana and USDC (Polygon) networks.

IREMEBER NOT TO send us your private keys/address.  We will never ask for your private keys so don't trust any entity that claims to be affiliated with our gallery.


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